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When you add items to your cart, a window will pop up with free gift items. Simply click on the “Add to cart” button for the gift you’re eligible to receive, and we’ll make sure we send it your way. Not sure if you want the free gift until you’ve made all of your selections? No worries – you can also add them in later before payment. These free gifts are our way of saying “Thank you!” for your generosity.
  • When your gift order totals $100 or more, you can receive a FREE handmade Mabinti coin pouch
  • When your gift order totals $250 or more, you can receive your FREE book written by Hope and Healing International's Executive Director, Ed Epp, “Choose Hope.”
  • When your gift order totals $500 or more, you can receive your FREE Mabinti hand-crafted tote bag and set of 4 napkins.

The cost of each item is determined by our partner’s budget and how many people they will be serving with that budget. Quite often, we calculate an average per child/caregiver or family cost across several partners in a number of countries. Then we add on the handling fees to accept, track and get needed resources to our partners, ensuring your gift has maximum and measurable impact. 

Most of our life-changing work is in East and Southern Africa. While all our programs are designed to give vulnerable children and families life-changing medical and rehabilitative care, different countries and regions have different needs. And different local partners have different areas of expertise. What does that mean for you? It means your gift of sight-giving surgery will go to Malawi, Tanzania or Eswatini. Your gift of goats, chickens or pigs will go to Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya or Ethiopia. Your gift of water will go to Ethiopia. We account for every gift and every dollar sent in quarterly reports from our partners.  

Inflation and the added pressures of the global pandemic have caused significant challenges for our frontline medical partners.

Supply chain issues have increased the cost of medical equipment and supplies. COVID has also increased the use and cost of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and cleaners - all necessary to keep patients and staff safe while delivering life-changing, and life-saving services.

Inflation and delays have also increased the cost to ship medical equipment and supplies to our partners and the children we serve. We’re always looking for efficiencies and innovative solutions to serve the most children with the generous donations entrusted to us.

Any other questions? Feel free to give us a call at 1.800.567.2264 or email us at info@hopeandhealing.org.